DNC poem

Ryan Eckes, Philadelphia

Hillary Clinton’s not an American.
Bill Clinton’s not an American.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not an American.
The Democratic Party is not an American.
Wells Fargo is not an American.
Wharton School of business is not an American.
Trump is not an American.
The Republican Party–which is the KKK–deport the Republicans.
Deport the Democrats.

Where to?

Who wants them?

Maybe the desert.
Maybe the desert wants them
without food or clothes.
We’ll call that the blue life–crawling in the desert naked
without food or water
trailing Donald Trump’s ass

In Cold War school
they told us you
can make it
from nothing.

You by yourself
a baby capitalist
crawling thru a hallway
like the desert
of a nothing country.

Let us make it then
from nothing.
Let us fill the streets
like water.