Beauty In The Political

Mira Schor

Each letter melts in its own pattern of crystalline decomposition.

The Future

What is one to make of the role of beauty?  All the tiny bubbles that in this particular piece of ice, in the T of F U T U R E are a source of the joy that visual pleasure can bring, as it creates an unclear window romanticizing anew the Flat Iron building seen through it. Can this function as a political image? This of course is not the piece, it is a detail of the piece, but the piece is not just one image with a metaphor of glaciers melting in the warming atmosphere of earth, the piece also creates a series of images, changing over time. Their beauty is seductive, but does the metaphor operate metonymically or does one need the entire narrative?

The Future

(the future has melted in the hour or so since I took that picture, it is melting fast)