About the Artists

Ligorano/Reese’s work is a singular vision that fuses the two artists’ individual conceptual contributions into a powerful voice. Their works encompass many forms, using different techniques to manipulate images, audio and text from old media: print, television, and combine that with the new: internet and mobile telecommunications.

The ice sculptures, The State of ThingsMain Street Meltdown, and Morning in America 2008-2011 are performative works that combine natural processes of erosion and decay with flexible durations. These pieces make profound political statements using the simple element of disappearing ice.

They use open forms to involve community interaction. Their drawing
contests, Crater Bay Area for the Zer01 Festival in San Jose and Crater New
York at Location1 are interactive installations that combine sculpture with
public participation and use streaming video on the internet and in the virtual world Second Life.

Many of their earlier works reinterpret older forms of technology using mirrors,
clocks, and codex bindings and combine them with video screens. They have
invented micro-projection systems to display films on the head of a pin and on
counterweights of metronomes.

After almost a decade of development, 50 Different Minds, their first fiber
optic tapestry debuted at the Zer01 Festival in San Jose in September 2010.
It is a computer controlled, woven fiber optic wall piece that scrapes data
from the internet and displays it as patterns and color through the textile’s threads.

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