Polis is eyes

Up to 12 writers in each city have been invited to visit the site and stay for 2 hours.  LigoranoReese have asked them to share their thoughts about the disappearance of the American Dream. This part of the project stems from the idea that direct participation comes from active perception, apprehending the moment and leads to democratic action.

Commentary will be posted in realtime here on the meltedaway website and reblogged to ArtsEverywhere.

Poet and writer cris cheek is the Residency Coordinator. This part of the project is supported by the Musagetes Foundation.

Writers Cleveland

Mary Barrett, cris cheek, Carla Harryman, Justin Glanville, Daniel Gray-Kontar,
Janice A. Lowe, Julie Patton, Mary E. Weems

Writers Philadelphia

Josh Adler, cris cheek, Ryan Eckes, Knar Gavin, Anna Maria Hong,
Cyree Jarelle Johnson, Julia Lopez, Bob Perelman, Ariel Resnikoff, Frank Sherlock,
Kirwyn Sutherland, Orchid Tierney and others